CFB Golf Outing Groups and Tee Times

Published August 26, 2017

Hey everyone! Here are tomorrow's groups and tee times for the CFB Golf Outing. Please show up at least 15-20 min early for your tee time, so you can get signed in and get your cart. We will be playing a 4-man best shot format. Ladies off the red tees and guys off the blue tees. Excited to see you all there!
Group 1-12:58pm
1. Matt Blaylock
2. Joe Bohr
3. Chris Mullis
Group 2-1:06pm
1. Bob Beardsley
2. Kim Beardsley
3. Kendall Beardsley
4. Tristan Harrison
Group 3-1:14pm
1. Curt Brown
2. Brandon Travis
3. Justin Seifert
4. Dan Santry
Group 4-1:22pm
1. Jay Strief
2. Adam Schmidt
3. Brook Viktor
4. Scott Schreiber
Group 5-1:30pm
1. Brett DeNeve
2. Jordan DeNeve
3. Olivia Schmidt
4. Jessica Strief
5. Shawna Viktor
Group 6-1:38pm
1. Matt Staats
2. Tom Williams
3. Brian Larson
4. Justin Wagner
Group 7-1:46pm
1. Greg Christensen
2. Allison Arthur
3. Cassie Wagner
4. Lesley Larson

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