Member Spotlight: Jen Burris

Published March 13, 2015

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

3 years 

How did you get started at CrossFit Bettendorf?

 My husband had started about 6 months earlier and finally convinced me to join. 

How is you're favorite aspect of CrossFit? 

The comradery.  Having the support of your classmates is absolutely priceless!  We are all there for each other.  It is nice to know someone will be there to push you through at that moment when you feel like you can't go on (not that that ever happens right?).  We have met so many great people through crossfit - friends that will last a lifetime. :-) 

Do you have any advice you would give to someone looking to see better results? 

Give it time.  Results will come.  Just keep at it, you will feel yourself getting stronger every day (mentally and physically). Eventually you will be able to perform some of the technics you never thought your body was capable of! 

What would you like to accomplish next? 

 I do so wish I could get those darn double unders!  All these years, and still no such luck!  


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